Halloween Costumes: Any Suggestions?

Our little one is set to arrive by the end of October. I realize it’s impossible to know in advance whether or not the baby will actually arrive on time, but I’d like to purchase a Halloween costume just in case he or she decides to make an appearance before October 31st.

I’m having a nearly impossible time finding costumes for newborns. There are lots of outfits for the bigger babies but almost nothing for the teeny tot who will most likely be a few days or weeks old.

I took a look at some costumes on etsy, but since I don’t know for certain if the baby will arrive on time I’d prefer the option of returning the item if the baby arrives a little late.

I was wondering if any of my faithful readers have suggestions on where to find costumes for little ones. We won’t actually take the baby trick-or-treating. This is more about the opportunity to snap some cute photos.

If all else fails I did find the adorable bumble bee baby wrap pictured above on Amazon. Even if the little one arrives after Halloween I can use the blanket for swaddling.

7 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes: Any Suggestions?”

  1. My brother was born the end of September for his first halloween. he was a ninja turtle with just a green onsie and a red turtle headband.

  2. I wouldn't count on buying something and returning it in case your baby doesn't arrive on time. Lots of stores don't let you return Halloween costumes, or may give you the current selling price back versus what you paid. The ideas here are great, or just getting the bumblebee wrap would be a cute idea.

  3. One of my friends got a red and white striped shirt and a little blue cap and had her son as where's waldo. In some of the pictures they even photo shopped glasses onto him.

  4. Lots of great suggestions!

    calgirlfinance – You are right. I checked with a lot of different stores and they will not accept costume returns because they are seasonal.


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