Happier reasons for spending money

I thought yesterday’s posting sounded a bit negative and sad, so I thought I’d write a more uplifting posting. Here are a couple of decisions that involve more than just money:

  • Buying an Engagement Ring
    • The engagement ring is a symbol of love between you and your spouse that will last forever. Just about everyone knows someone who proposed with the engagement ring of their grandmother or even great-grandmother.
  • Getting Married
    • A wedding and honeymoon can cost a good deal of money. (Even when you’re frugal it can cost a lot to feed 100 people.) But the love and joy you experience on that day, as you stand before friends and family to say your vows, will feel like no other.
  • Buying a Home You Love
    • If you are planning on living in your home for a long period of time, then you should buy a home you love, even if it costs slightly more money. You want your home to be a safe haven. A warm and inviting place to share moments with friends and family.
  • Children
    • Obviously finances are low on the list of priorities when one decides to have children.
  • Charity & Gifts
    • Spending money on others brings an inherent joy to the giver.
  • Making Memories
    • This can include spending money on trips, sporting events, hobbies, and even vacation homes. The other day Suze Orman told a caller to go on vacation with her boyfriend even though she couldn’t afford it. The boyfriend was heading for Iraq… and in life their are always exceptions.

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