How a Hungry Girl Spent $50 on Apples and Strawberries

Since I am nine months pregnant and can no longer easily reach my toes I decided to take advantage of spa week and headed to my local Red Door Spa for a 60 minute Spiced Eden Pedicure complete with pressure point massage and warm paraffin treatment. Every year I receive a gift card to the spa for my birthday or Christmas and I always do my best to wait until spa week to redeem it. A typical pedicure costs $75, so scheduling around spa week saves me at least $25 a visit.

I’m not sure if this visit seemed particularly wonderful because I haven’t had a pedicure in nearly a year or because I’m pregnant, but either way I wish I could experience this luxury every week because it was absolutely decadent!

The only problem with spa week is that everyone else in the state has the same goal of saving money on spa treatments, which means appointments book fast and it’s difficult to find the perfect date and time to sneak in for a visit. After reviewing the list of possibilities with a lovely receptionist I settled on a 1 o’clock appointment.

What I did not realize is that I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep the night before that appointment. I moved from the bed, to the recliner and ultimately to the couch. By the time I finally fell asleep the sun had long since risen. I decided I had no where to go and no particular place to be until 1 o’clock so I let myself sleep the mid-day away. I woke up at noon, rushed into the shower and immediately drove to the spa so I wouldn’t be late for my appointment.

Well, as anyone who has ever been pregnant knows, it’s not a wise idea for a woman in her third trimester to skip breakfast and lunch. I grabbed a piece of bread to munch on in the car, but in essence I was without food until my appointment ended at nearly 2:30.

Strangely enough I didn’t feel particularly hungry, but as I stepped inside Balducci’s, (a high-end grocery store), just after my treatment I found myself craving fruit and pastries. The pastries, (I purchased two), cost over $2.00 each. The organic strawberries nearly $5. Add to that a delicious chicken curry salad, one box of tangerines, one container of blueberries, a couple of onions, a large bag of apples and a couple of red peppers and somehow I was $50 in the hole.

I couldn’t believe how much I’d spent on a small bag of food, but surprisingly I didn’t even look at the receipt. By the time I got back to my car I was absolutely starving. I opened the container of curried chicken salad and ate it right from my front seat! It was followed shortly thereafter by a chocolate croissant.

This costly little venture is the very reason I typically don’t allow myself to walk into a grocery store with a raging appetite. I know that I cannot resist the temptations around me when I’m hungry, but surprisingly enough I quickly forgave myself for this particular indiscretion. In this case, I figured a) I’m very pregnant and b) everything other than the chocolate croissants were good for me. Actually, in retrospect, I would’ve felt much worse spending just $5 on greasy takeout.

4 thoughts on “How a Hungry Girl Spent $50 on Apples and Strawberries”

  1. it looks as if you are talking to us in straight and we were also traveling with you till the end of your post. Money is for emergency. Why should you worry on spending on emergency ?

  2. This cracks me up and reminds me of when my wife was pregnant. Me making sure she had snacks at all times was insurance for her sanity and mine! It leads to many late nights to the grocery store but it's all worth it, for sure.


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