How Do You Teach Your Children to Count Their Blessings?

Last Thursday’s post post got me thinking a lot about teaching my son to count his blessings. While he’s not old enough to understand a concept this complex, (he’s only 10 months), I would like to help him grasp this idea as he gets older. It is very important to me that he understands that there are many different people in the world who live in much different circumstances.

I recently read a post about teaching your child to look out for other children, specifically children who are lonely and alone. I remember a little boy who sat in the cafeteria eating his lunch without any other children seated beside him. He wasn’t in my class, but I spotted him sitting by himself enough times to know that this was the pattern and not an exception. Strangely enough I’ve thought about that boy many times since my youth and wondered what would’ve happened if I’d spoken to him.

In high school I became braver and more confident. I did not define myself by any particular group. I was friends with the quiet kids as much as I was with the loud ones. In fact, I prided myself on driving one of my neighbors to and from school. He was an awkward, nerdy boy with very few friends and I felt bad that he had to ride the bus as a senior.

I hope that my son is compassionate and caring. A friend recently remarked that my son appears to have a good soul. While some might think that sounds like a crazy comment for a 10 month old I have to admit that it made me entire body swell with warmth and happiness.

I prayed for many things before my son was born and I have certainly prayed for many things since his arrival. I am not a religious girl, (in terms of going to church and listening to sermons), but I do have a strong spiritual faith and am probably more religious then a lot of folks who attend church on a regular basis.

While I have many wishes and desires for my son some things weigh greater on my conscience that others. I hope that he grows up to be a good person. One who recognizes all that he has and helps bring joy to others who have less than he does.

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  1. What a wonderful post. I remember the same thoughts and prayers when my son was very young. Same with my daughter. I think this is universal for all mom’s. We all desire the same things for our children. Thanks for the reminder and the memories. My money’s on you and your son!


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