How to contribute more to charity

My husband and I met in college 10 years ago. After graduating we moved into a house within walking distance of the university. The close proximity to campus allows us to spend a lot of our spare time cheering on the college sports teams. In fact, we spend almost every other autumn weekend bundled up in the football stands and one night a week during the winter cheering on the men’s basketball team. Not to mention visits to watch the women’s basketball, men’s baseball, and lacrosse.

The university holds a very special place in both of our hearts so we do our best to contribute back to it every year. Since we graduated we have been donating money to the athletic scholarship program and alumni association. Whenever we donate to the university we always make certain to submit requests to my employers ‘Matching Gifts Program.’ My employer will match my contribution dollar for dollar, and will double the match for the first $500, for any non-religious charitable organization. My husband and I usually try to contribute at least $2500 to the university each year. We donate $1000 and my employer contributes the other $1500.

We contribute to other charitable organizations throughout the year as well and we try our best to submit all of our contributions to my employer’s matching gifts program. If you donate to charities, as many people do at the end of the year, don’t forget to ask your employer for matching contributions. It allows you to pass along more money to your favorite charities.

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