How to Find the Best Deals Online

I’ve purchased most of my Christmas presents already. I’m not giving many traditional presents this year so most of my shopping hasn’t involved entering the mall. I bought savings bonds for my niece and nephew and NCAA basketball tickets for my dad and brother. I have absolutely no idea what to buy my husband but he is really the last one left to shop for.

I’m waiting to see if online retailers will offer significant discounts for Cyber Monday. If the discounts are great enough I might do a little Christmas shopping for myself. I figure it can’t hurt to take a peek at what’s for sale, and unlike the 50% of workers who say they’ll be shopping online at work on Monday, I took the day off. So I’ll probably spend the morning eating raisin bran in my PJs skimming through websites for bargains.

I did find an old but not outdated article about Cyber Monday and the best way to find deals online. To read the article click here. Most of you probably already know these tips, plus a whole bunch that aren’t mentioned (since the article was written in November 2005), but I did find a couple of interesting websites I had never heard of before. Happy Shopping.

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