How To Make Life Easier After the Baby Arrives

Last night my husband and I found ourselves wide awake at 3 o’clock in the morning discussing the soon-to-be arrival of our first child. Although the little one isn’t due until October we’re already trying to figure out how best to prepare for those first few weeks of long days and sleepless nights.

My ever-so-understanding husband asked me to put money concerns on the back burner for the first month or so. He reminded me that it’s okay if we spend more money in those first few weeks while we work to get things situated and under control. He knows me well enough to know that I’ll feel guilty for blowing the budget on items I would otherwise avoid.

After a lengthy discussion we decided on the following plan. First, we’ll order our groceries from Pea Pod when and if necessary. I tend to be one of those people who doesn’t always remember to eat when times get busy and stressful. While I can stock the pantry well in advance of my due date, I also want to make certain that the refrigerator is full of fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks.

I tried Pea Pod a long time ago, because I received a high value coupon for money off plus free shipping and handling. My experience was good a one, but I actually enjoy shopping for groceries and can avoid the delivery fees by driving to the store myself. Once the baby arrives I’m not certain that I’ll have the time or energy to make my way to the store, so I’m willing to pay the extra money to order groceries online and have them delivered. This ensures that our refrigerator will be stocked and that my husband and I won’t find ourselves tired, cranky and hungry.

Second, I’m considering hiring a cleaner just before the baby’s arrival, so the house is clean and shiny when we return from the hospital. For the first few months I plan to have them clean every two to three weeks. While a dirty house isn’t the worst thing in the world it would be nice to know that this is one less thing on my to-do list. I’m the type to sweep and dust the house before guests arrive. I’m sure that we’ll receive a bunch of pop-in visitors in those first few weeks and it would be nice to know that I can enjoy their company without thinking that the house looks atrocious.

Third, while I plan to prepare a freezer full of meals in advance, I have also resigned myself to the notion that we might need to call for delivery much more often than usual. In a typical month we pick up food from local restaurants three to four times at most. There is no doubt in my mind that the number will double, triple or possibly quadruple after the baby’s arrival. Thanks to some recent comments from loyal readers I have ways to mitigate those risks, but at the end of the day we have to eat, and if that means we have to pay for take-out, well that’s exactly what we’ll do.

I’m actually very happy that my husband and I chatted about all of this last night. He knows that I am a bit of a penny pincher and that I really don’t like to pay full price for things when I don’t have to. I’m happy that we were able to discuss these issues well in advance of the little one’s arrival and get on the same page sooner than later. Now that we have a plan of action I feel much more relaxed about the financial compromises we may need to make in the near future.

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