How to Stock Up on Free Items at Rite-Aid

As I mentioned in my previous post I purchase a lot of items for free or nearly free at my local Rite-Aid drugstore. The process for attaining items is easy.

At the beginning of each month I click over to Rite-Aid’s Single Check Rebate page to view the current list of rebates available for the month. (You can also find brochures in the front of most stores.) Look through the list of rebates in search of any items that might interest you. If you use Rite-Aid’s website you can actually create a list of all of the items of interest, so you can print it out, and take it to the store with you.

Take note of the dates associated with each rebate offer. While some rebates are available for an entire month, most really good deals are only available for a week at most, and some only a few days. Each Sunday look over the store’s circular, which can also be found online, for sale items. Most of the time items earmarked for rebates will also be priced on sale. If you receive the weekend edition of the newspaper look for coupons for rebate items. This will help pay the tax on items that are essentially free after rebate.

Make certain to read the rebate details very carefully. For example, this week Rite-Aid is offering a Garnier Fructis shampoo rebate for $2.99. The item is on sale this week for $2.99. But the rebate does not apply to all Garnier Fructis shampoos and conditioners. It only applies to Shine Burst Shampoo or Conditioner. If you buy another type of shampoo the rebate will not apply. I suggest taking the detailed rebate offers with you to the store to make certain you purchase the correct item.

You will need to create an account on Rite-Aid’s single check rebate website. After you purchase your items make certain to hold on to your receipt. You will need to enter the details, including store number, transaction number, and date through Rite-Aid’s website. Return to the store as many times you need to during the month. Most items are limited to one rebate per household, so make certain you read the offer clearly. You don’t want to purchase extra items that won’t qualify. Enter your receipts each time you return from shopping. (Hold on to your receipts in case any errors occur.) Rite-Aid will verify your transactions and send you email updates a few days after you enter the data. Rite-Aid only allows you to submit a rebate request once per month, so make certain you complete all of your shopping for the month before requesting your rebate check.

When the month is over and you have completed all of your transactions simply return to the Rite-Aid site to request your rebate check. You must request your check so make certain to set a reminder for yourself or your check will not be sent. Your rebate check will arrive a few weeks after you request it. Last month was a big one for Rite-Aid rebates, I received shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, toothpaste, mouthwash, light bulbs, body wash and coupons for cereal all for free. (Well not exactly free. I had to pay the tax on a few of the items.)

Obviously if you don’t have a Rite-Aid near your home you cannot take advantage of these deals, though I hear Walgreens offers similar offers.

3 thoughts on “How to Stock Up on Free Items at Rite-Aid”

  1. Saving money on daily necessities through Rite-Aid’s rebate program provides a big boost to the budget. I’m lucky to have a store within 3 miles of my home.

  2. My wife has done this, too! It’s provided some cushion to our budget and a little insurance for our growing nest egg. I can’t believe how much you get for free. She’s gotten toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo. All free. I know the manufacturers just want you to try it and hope that you’ll come back and buy again. But, they’re always selling and advertising something that we need so we always go there to go there to get things.



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