I Am In Love… With a Sandwich

On a daily basis my husband works a multitude of jobs. He typically commutes between offices and locations multiple times throughout the day. As luck would have it one of his new jobs is located just a few miles from home.

When it’s convenient my husband works at the job closest to home in the morning. This allows him to drop home for lunch before heading back out to the next location. I work from home quite often and I’m absolutely giddy when he drops in. If he doesn’t come home I tend to work through lunch, eating a quick PB&J in front of my computer. Now, with a job closer to home we can cook and eat together and it absolutely brightens my day.

Rather than eating the same boring old sandwiches day-in and day-out I searched the Internet for some new panini recipes and found the most beautiful images on Panini Happy. (My husband bought me a very nice panini press for Christmas that I haven’t put to use yet.) I know my husband will go crazy for the French Dip sandwich pictured in the image above. I also can’t wait to make the chicken, apple & raspberry panini and the super bowl buffalo chicken panini.

In an effort to save money we eat at home almost every night. With a new job closer to home we can now cut out a lot of the extraneous lunch expenses too.

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