I Earned $1000 in Cash Back Savings!

According to my Ebates account summary I signed up for membership back in 2001. Honestly, I don’t remember signing up that long ago, but I do remember using the site heavily starting in the spring of 2003.

In the beginning I often forgot to shop through the Ebates and kicked myself on more than one occasion for purchasing something without clicking through the Ebates website. Now it’s simply second nature to click through Ebates before buying anything on the Internet and although I’ve ventured off to a couple of other cash back sites like Mr. Rebates and Fat Wallet, I typically find myself returning to Ebates.

I just think it’s easier to focus on one cash back site. Most sites won’t send you a check or wire money to paypal until your balance reaches a certain amount. By focusing on one cash back site I tend to rack up the cash back savings more quickly. I typically receive a cash back payment every three months.

Over the years I’ve watched the cash back number grow larger and larger and this week I finally hit the $1000 mark! I never would have believed that a few cents here and a few cents there would add up to so much money, but sure enough I’ve saved over $1000.

If you aren’t registered with Ebates, simply click this link. You’ll earn a $5 sign up bonus just for signing up and making your first purchase.

4 thoughts on “I Earned $1000 in Cash Back Savings!”

  1. I use ebates occasionally, but I love mrrebates (tens to have better options for me). I've been paid out $160 so far. Can't wait to hit the $1000 mark one day!

  2. thats amazinG! I have't earned much through Ebates, I keep forgetting to use it. šŸ™‚

    thanks for entering my giveaway!


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