I Found that $100 Gift Card

I got a little bit crazy looking for the $100 gift card I lost yesterday. I bought a new purse a few days ago and I tried to fit all of the contents of my current purse into it. After realizing there was absolutely no way everything was going to fit I decided to return the bag in the hopes of finding something a little bit larger.

For some reason I convinced myself that the gift card might be in that purse so I actually drove back to the store to see if I could find it. Well I found the purse at the store but the gift card wasn’t there. Luckily the store is just a few minutes from my house and the purse was sitting right on the shelf so it didn’t take me long to search through the pockets to make certain it wasn’t in there.

I returned home and tried to retrace my steps one last time. After awhile I gave up and decided if it was going to turn up, it would turn up, and otherwise I just wouldn’t worry about it any longer. Well sure enough I found it this afternoon.

5 thoughts on “I Found that $100 Gift Card”

  1. @me – it's pretty embarrasing actually. I added the card to a stack of other gift cards I keep in a small wallet. One of the other cards was sticky and the front of the Macy's card stuck to the back of the other card. Stuck together it looked like one card rather than two. I just didn't notice that one card was stuck to the other. They were perfectly adhered to one another.

  2. i hate when that happen!
    right now i'm looking for 2 library books i thought i had returned but apparently didn't and have NO idea where they could be! I hope they turn up too!


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