I Want an iPad

No bones about it. I want an iPad.

I’ve been having a horrible time staying asleep at night. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and no amount of relaxation or meditation seems to help me fall back asleep. I’ve tried moving to different rooms, wearing an eye mask and forcing myself not to move, but sooner or later I give up all other attempts and find myself staring at the itty-bitty little screen on my iPhone. I’ll look at anything even remotely interesting before eventually falling asleep again.

I’m sick of staring at that little tiny screen and decided to buy an iPad so I can at least open a good book and read. I know the light of the screen probably isn’t helping my sleep situation, but I can’t exactly turn on the light to read a regular book with my husband laying right beside me.

I’d also like an iPad for other times of the day, like looking over recipes while making dinner or reading while I wait to be seen by doctors and massage therapists. I’m not sure if I can fully transition to online books, but the minimalist and environmentalist in me have decided to give that a try.

I spend a fair amount of time reading email and blogs and I really don’t need a full scale computer just to poke around the Internet. At least that’s how I’m justifying my purchase. I don’t typically splurge on technology, but in this case I decided to chuck my frugality out the window and placed the order online.

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  1. My wife convinced me of the same thing earlier today. I will be changing jobs with my company and will be traveling on a daily basis. Since I won't be able to come home for lunch, I said I wanted to upgrade to an iPhone (she already has one) so I could surf the web while I'm on my lunch break. She pointed out that an iPad is much more fitting to my needs and I agree completely. Anybody know what options there are if you are NOT in a wifi hotspot?

  2. I am soooo close. a week and a half ago lightening stuck the house and one of the things we lsot was our 10 YO desktop computer. It was the computer of last resort for anyone to use. Hubby and I both have work laptops. The 16 YO has a laptop for school (included in tuition) and the 11 YO uses a Netbook I got off or Woot. But come summer the 16 YO will turn in his laptop for the summer and an additional device would prevent some arguments. A low end laptop woudl be cheaper, but the iPad has the cool factor.

    Enjoy yours!

  3. For your sleeping problem try slowly (over a few days) cutting out as much of your caffine (coffee and pop) as you possibly can. After those few days, only drink it in the AM and stop by noon switching to water.
    Work on training yourself to grab for water vs. the caffine drink. You'll have a slight hurdle to get over while getting it all out of your system, but it's not like stopping smoking. You honestly don't need it and will sleep a million times better.

    The Ipad is a blast. You can get helpful things like Rachel Ray on there. Don't forget about 'Angry Birds'. It's a nessisity. šŸ˜‰

  4. The ipad has the cool factor – but I'm waiting for the 2nd round of android tablets running the latest version of that operating system.

    I've played with the ipad – a good friend of mine has one, and he's gotten past the "ooh shiny" and running into the limitations – he is definitely looking for a replacement!

  5. @pharmboy – I'm not planning on paying for the non wifi plan. If I'm not on wifi then I'll just have to read documents, etc that I've already downloaded. I figure you can almost always find a wifi somewhere.

    @margaret – It depends on what your needs are. If it's really just to browse the web then I think a laptop is a waste. If you plan for him to write papers, do his homework, etc. I'd suggest the laptop.

    @anonymous – thanks for your suggestion, but i don't actually drink caffeine. no coffee or sodas for me!

    @hithatsmybike – it's on order and should be shipped shortly!

    @spiffikins – i contemplated the android, but i didn't want to wait for the next version. hopefully i'm not making the wrong decision.


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