I Won! I Won!

Happy Valentine’s Day to me! I won the Spoil Your Sweetie Contest hosted by the Ultimate Coupons blog! You can check out my entry here. I’m super excited to win $500 in gift cards and want to thank the Ultimate Coupons blog for sponsoring this contest. I also want to send a special shout out to Newlyweds on a Budget. If Erika hadn’t posted about this I wouldn’t have been inspired to write an entry of my own.

4 thoughts on “I Won! I Won!”

  1. Congratulations — good for you, girl! So $10,000 won’t change your life much…but $500 sure will!

    Your entry was quite wonderful — I can see why they picked it. And your husband will really enjoy that camera lens…

    • Ha! I was wondering if anyone was going to comment on the irony of my $10,000 post. I didn’t say it wouldn’t be nice to get $10,000 I said it wouldn’t be life changing šŸ™‚


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