How to Impress as an Apprentice

There are many paths to be explored when you have finished your studies and are about to take your first steps into the working world.

An apprenticeship is certainly an exciting route to take for many youngsters across the country. Indeed, almost 348,000 people began apprenticeships in England in the 2021-22 academic year.

Starting any new role can feel daunting, especially at a young age, but here are some tips to help you make a good first impression as an apprentice.

Being a team player

Any place of work will want employees who are fully invested and motivated to contribute to long-term goals.

As an apprentice, you will be joining a team that already has an established workforce so showing your ability to be a team player is a great way to be taken on full time at the end of your course.

Get to know the people you are working with, do your research on the company you will be working for, show enthusiasm to get involved with tasks, and it never, ever hurts to get familiar with the kettle…

Throw out some bold invitations – maybe for lunch or a pint after work – as you will quickly find those in senior positions are invested in making sure apprentices feel comfortable in their surroundings and appreciated in the workplace.

And one of the most importance pieces of advice is to say “yes”, whether to seemingly thankless tasks you have been assigned or meeting and networking with other people in or outside of the company.

Respect the workplace

It is not just the people you will be working with you need to show respect to, but the actual workplace as well.

Treat everything you are entrusted to with due care, don’t leave power tools laying around dangerously, or carelessly place equipment or items such as a work belt.

Showing respect to the tools, equipment and work space will show you have the respect for the people you are working with too.

Offer to get involved in as many areas of the company as possible, even if on the face of things it may appear out of your remit.

Ask questions

It can obviously be awkward meeting new people and the unfamiliarity of new surroundings may feel uncomfortable at first.

Understandably, you may think asking questions will come across as annoying but working through that initial shyness will stand you in good stead moving forward.

By asking questions you are showing your employee that you are interested in the work you are doing and what the company is trying to achieve on the whole.

Moreover, it will help develop your own knowledge, which in turn improves your skillset and increases your chances of being kept on long term or finding a full-time role elsewhere.

Perhaps your first question could be “who wants a brew?” Always start on the right foot…

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