In Search of Birthday Ideas… Yet Again

Here we go again… Another birthday is just around the corner and I am at a loss for gift ideas. Every year my family asks for a list of things I most need and want and every year it gets harder and harder to put a pen to paper. It seems I have just about everything a girl could ask for.

I have an absolutely amazing husband who I still adore after thirteen years and nearly five years of marriage. I have a loving family that showers me with affection. I have one remaining grandparent, (my 86 year old grandmother), who is still doing relatively well in spite of her age. I have amazing friends who each possess the perfect combination of kindness and sincerity. I have two homes, three cars, a great job and a very sweet kitty who greets me multiple times during the day and every afternoon when I arrive home.

What more could a young 30+ year old girl ask for? Well to be honest better health is always on the list, but in the big scheme of things even that has improved significantly over the last few years.

It’s nearly impossible for me to create a wish list of things I want or need, because truth be told I don’t need anything and I want very little. Over the years I’ve removed much of the clutter from my life. That includes bad relationships, mental blocks and real life junk that was simply taking up space in my world. I like the amount of space in my life and I don’t intend to fill it back up with stuff I really don’t need, so after two days of trying to create a list my paper still remains blank.

My only birthday wish is to spend time with the people I love and for the people I love to spend time together.

6 thoughts on “In Search of Birthday Ideas… Yet Again”

  1. It seems to me that on the rare occasions when you do spend money, your favorite times are dining with friends. So if people are going to buy you something regardless, then to avoid them wasting their money and your space, ask for gift cards to restaurants, and use them to share a meal with the people you love.

  2. I would have to agree and 2nd the suggestion of The Rathbun Family. Suggest your family getting you gift cards to the places you love. Then, when you go out, you maybe won't feel so guilty for spending your own hard earned money on a meal. At least, I wouldn't feel so bad. Gift cards are like free money!

  3. You two hit the nail on the head! I ended up asking for gift cards to some of my favorite restaurants. That way I keep out the clutter and enjoy a romantic evening out with my husband.

  4. ask for them to donate to a favorite charity. Donors Chose offers gift cards – then you can go in and select the project you want to fund.

  5. I agree with the restaurant gift cards. Or tickets to an event, or gift certs to your massage therapist (or acupuncturist), or any other spa type treatment that you would enjoy but not want to spend the money on…

  6. I actually suggested charitable contributions a few years ago, but my friends and family shot down the idea.

    Spa certificates are actually a great idea. It's something I wouldn't typically indulge in with my own money, but something I'd love for someone else to buy.


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