Inexpensive, All Natural Skin Care Treatments

The summer weather has arrived and my skin is already breaking out from the heat and humidity. None of my usual remedies appear to be working so this afternoon I turned to the Internet for an inexpensive, all natural solution.

I found a remedy I liked and gave it a try. I sprinkled a half teaspoon of baking soda into my hand. I added a few drops of warm water and gently pressed the mixture it into my face. After a minute or two of light facial massage I rinsed the baking soda off of my face.

It’s too soon to know whether or not it’ll work, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. The drugstore was charging $5 – $10 for similar solutions, and this concoction cost me nothing, because I already had baking soda in the house.

As I was poking around the Internet I found a few other inexpensive, all natural treatments that looked interesting.

Puffiness & Dark Circles — Steep two cups of green tea. Remove the tea bags and chill them briefly in the freezer. Squeeze the excess water out of the chilled tea bags, lie down, and place them on the under-eye area for 10 minutes.

Hyperpigmentation — Apply plain yogurt to your face three to four times a week. The lactic acid in the yogurt is a natural exfoliant.

Chapped Lips — Mix a dab of honey with brown sugar. Apply to lips and gently massage back and forth with an old toothbrush. This combination will kill bacteria and help skin retain it’s moisture.

3 thoughts on “Inexpensive, All Natural Skin Care Treatments”

  1. I’ve been told that cold cucumber slices can have the same effect as the chilled green tea bags, but have never tried it personally.

  2. I’ve heard about the cold cucumber slices too

    I think anything cold, makes puffiness retract like how caffeine does it

    Am gonna link this

  3. Cucumbers definitely work. I should have included them in the post.

    Fabulously Broke — Thanks for linking to me again!


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