Is It Finally Time to Move On?

My work situation has me feeling pretty down in the dumps lately. I thrive on working hard and making a difference and my current project leaves me lacking the desire and drive to do either. After being transitioned to two different teams in less than a month I decided it was time to start looking around at other options.

I pulled out an old resume and decided I better start over. I hadn’t updated it for over five years and my technical knowledge has really multiplied since then, so I spent a few hours last week generating a brand new resume. It was actually extremely easy to put together. I just copied and pasted details from my last few year-end, self assessments. (I put together extremely long and detailed assessments each year.)

I’m pleasantly surprised by all of my accomplishments. Before finishing my resume I doubted my technical skills and knowledge, but now that it’s complete I think I have a pretty good shot at landing a new job. I applied for a few positions and have a couple of phone interviews scheduled already.

I think I’ve been stuck in a rut at work for quite some time and a change of pace will certainly do wonders for my spirit. I’m not certain about the positions I applied for, but it can’t hurt to look around and see what else is available. Maybe I won’t like the job, maybe the hiring manager won’t like me, but even if all of that is true at least I’ll get to practice my interviewing skills.

Next week should be really interesting.

5 thoughts on “Is It Finally Time to Move On?”

  1. I've also been struggling with reaching out and looking for the past few months. Headhunters have been calling but I'm not sure why I hesitate. Except that I love my coworkers and the office in general but I am highly overwork, underpaid and under-valued and it's common knowledge. I needed this push.

  2. I'm in a rut at work too, which is why I'm leaving. Sometimes you just have to do what you know will make you happy. Hopefully a new job is it!

  3. I left my job seven months ago and couldn't be happier. I was in a rut, overworked, underpaid (thanks to 20% pay cuts)and miserable. I have spent my time soul searching, applying to grad school and attempting a career transition. I won't lie, it's slim pickins out there, but I saved diligently for about a year leading up to it so I could take the time off I needed to choose wisely. Good luck with your decision!


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