It Is Not Wise to Shop At 6 O’Clock in the Morning

My seven month old son is still waking two to three times a night. He typically wakes up 45 minutes after we put him to sleep, then five to six hours later and then again two to three hours after that. We started him on solids a month and a half ago, but he usually only eats a spoonful or two at each feeding. The doctors tell me he can sleep through the night without being fed at this point, but I’m not sure I agree. When he wakes he breastfeeds for quite some time before I put him back into his crib. Some friends have suggested letting him cry it out, but I can’t bear the thought of it. I guess I’m hoping he’ll outgrow his night wakings without all that drama.

In the mean time I am one tired girl in the morning. Although we put him to bed around seven I don’t typically hit the pillow until at least ten or eleven o’clock. Then I wake up twice to feed him and find myself awake for good sometime between six and seven each morning. I know I need to put myself to bed at an earlier time, but it’s tough to break old habits. I’ve been a night owl for most of my life and although I love my son I enjoy the two to three hours I spend alone while he’s asleep.

I’m afraid all of this sleep deprivation is interfering with my ability to make wise decisions. The other morning I woke up at six o’clock and convinced myself I solved the problem of our cat’s food and water bowls making a mess in the basement. I ordered two new sets of cat bowls only to realize they didn’t fix our problems at all.

The day before I ordered lotion for my son’s rash only to realize I paid more for ounce for the smaller package. Luckily I was able to immediately cancel the order and purchase the larger tub of lotion, but if I hadn’t I would have unnecessarily paid more.

That was actually the second time I immediately cancelled an order seconds after clicking submit. I did the same thing a week or so ago, although I can’t remember what it is that I wanted to purchase. (I guess that goes to show just how important it was.)

In light of my money mistakes I am banning myself from any early morning purchases. I think I need to be up, awake and about for at least a few hours before I buy anything! I’m not even sure what is compelling me to buy things so early. Am I having dreams about shopping?

5 thoughts on “It Is Not Wise to Shop At 6 O’Clock in the Morning”

  1. I know that feeling. My son never slept through the night. I refused to do cry it out but did try a few more natural methods. In the end I read a book which said its only a problem if you think its a problem and by then my body had adjusted and I was coping, so I just left it and let him grow up in his own time and allowed myself the freedom to make mistakes whrn tired

  2. When my parents were trying to get my little brother to sleep through the night, they started giving him water at night instead of breastmilk. Belly gets full, but eventually he adjusts. Maybe you could wean him a bit.

    • I’ve read that too. The trouble is that he’s exclusively breastfed. If he used a bottle I would definitely try that solution.

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re not getting your rest! I think you’re wise to delay purchases made when you’re sleep deprived. Thanks for the post!


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