It’s Tough To Be Frugal on Vacation

It’s tough to be frugal on vacation. No matter how hard we try we almost always wind up forgetting something. Of course that means paying a lot for something we typically would’ve bought on sale. Still it’s worth every penny to visit someplace you’ve never been before with someone you love.

Do you have any suggestions for saving money while on vacation? Do you travel to local places? Do you take cheap all inclusive holidays? Do you stay in a house rather than a hotel so you can buy groceries and cook your own meals?

Or do you feel that your vacation is the one time of year when you should not be frugal? Everyone splurges on something. Do you think vacations should be the one time of year when splurges are allowed?

I try my best to stay frugal all year round, including when I’m on vacation. I search for inexpensive hotels and accommodations. I’ve even been known to buy coupons to local restaurants in far away cities.

Somehow though despite all of my preparations I’ll arrive at my destination only to realize that I forgot to pack my swimsuit or toothbrush. On more than one occasion I’ve forgotten to bring suntan lotion on a beach trip. While it’s certainly more expensive to buy a swimsuit than suntan lotion it’s still a little annoying.

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