Last night’s dream

So I realized that I think about money way to often when I had a dream about it last night.

Here’s the dream:
I had gone back to college for some type of reunion. All of the people that lived in my old dorm were there and we had to line up in order of net worth. Each person had to stand up and list their net worth and any financial hardships that got them there. Most people had a negative net worth. When it was my turn I was embarrassed to give my number because it was so much larger than everyone else’s. When I said the number out load the room fell silent. And then as luck would have it, I woke up.

This is very representative of my real life. None of my friends know how much money my husband and I have, how much we make, or how much real estate we own. At the age of 28 my friends are all in very different worlds when it comes to financial security. I do wonder if they would think of us differently if they knew just how much we make. I think they would.

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