Life is All About the Ups and Downs

Last night a good friend was telling a group of us about her life. She mentioned that every time she steps over one hurdle another hurdle begins. Then she asked when it would all balance out and be good again. When would all of the hurdles stand behind her, rather than in front of her. Her example involved problems with employment and custody battles, but I think on some level or another we all feel the same.

“It never does,” I told her. I suppose that was a harsh statement to make. Especially since she was hoping for some glimmer of light at the end of her tunnel, but the truth is that life is full of ups and downs. Every time you climb one mountain another one is standing right there in front of you.

The last nine years of my life have been a roller coaster of sorts. I faced an unexpected health crisis, struggled to conceive for a year (I realize this is a small hurdle compared to what other women face), got laid off from my job after twelve years, gave birth, witnessed my husband’s struggle with depression, watched friends and family members suffer from illnesses (some survived, some passed on) and worried about a whole host of financial, business and medical issues.


I live an amazing life, but it isn’t always picture perfect. It is not all about butterflies and rainbows. In fact, I don’t think a perfect, perpetually happy life exists. Money cannot buy you all the happiness in the world. One of the wealthiest women I know is constantly unhappy. Another person cannot bring you all the happiness in the world. Relationships take work, patience and understanding on a daily basis. Health obstacles often cannot be avoided and nothing in work or business is ever guaranteed.

I am fortunate to live my life, but reaching that place of utmost balance and happiness always seems just out of reach. Life is constantly getting in the way isn’t it, but isn’t that the beauty of life? Doesn’t it feel the same for everyone?

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5 thoughts on “Life is All About the Ups and Downs”

  1. I agree but I have a slightly different view–to me it’s something to be thankful for. You mention “Life always gets in the way” but I always have to remind myself–get in the way of what? Life gets in the way of life. Living and being good to others and happiness where you are lucky enough to have it–that’s life. To me the place of utmost balance is most likely one of emptiness; you are empty of worries but then where are your triumphs? You are emptied of sorrows, but what are your joys? You have reached the peak but what is left to strive for?

    To me life is just life; ups, downs, and everything in between. Unless you live in total isolation you can’t control what happens to you because other people are constantly interfering and interacting with you. I try to remind myself that life isn’t the important thing; it’s living that counts, and I want to live the best way I can. I consider myself extremely fortunate that my life has been so good that I even have low points. I know there are people in the world for whom there are no low points…because they are at the bottom. A bad day is a blessing in itself.

    • Thanks for the comment Bernie! I completely agree that “life gets in the way of life” not in a negative way, but rather in a very positive way that says today’s struggles will be tomorrow’s victories. I love your comment about reaching the peak and wondering what else there is to strive for! I couldn’t agree more!

  2. I guess a lot of the time I think of that old C.S. Lewis quote “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

    I hope life is providing you with more ups than downs though recently.


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