Link Love on a Sunny Saturday Afternoon

In an effort to stay away from the brain drain of my computer I’ve been reading books and playing outside the last few weeks. In fact, I find myself deleting much of the posts in my RSS reader without even reading them.

If I like an article I usually open it in a different tab and breeze through it when time allows. Lately I find it harder and harder to find the time to go back to the list of open tabs, but this afternoon I took a few minutes and found a couple of posts I really enjoyed.

  • My Six Favorite Ways To Keep Expenses To A Minimum (Frugal Babe)
  • 10 Budget Wedding Ideas From a Satisfied Bride (My Dollar Plan)
  • What YOU Can Learn from Baby-Boomer Blunders (Get Rich Slowly)
  • Turning a Passion into a Business (Almost Frugal)
  • Oh Kleenex! I am disappointed in you. (The Frugal Girl)

2 thoughts on “Link Love on a Sunny Saturday Afternoon”

  1. It's amazing how fast the hours go when you're perusing posts and emails. I've learned to just not turn the computer on at certain times of the day, and when I do, I have tasks to be completed before I can play.

    That said, the Oldest proudly announced he'd spent an hour trying to win at the Pac-Man game on Google Friday night. Ugh. And yes, I've just opened your suggested links in another window.


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