Link Love on a Thursday Evening

My poor google reader is clogged with starred articles I hope to read, but never seem to get around to. I tried to highlight a few of my favorites, but believe me there are still hundreds of unread posts still swimming around in there…

Here are a few favorites I managed to read this afternoon:

At 10 months my son is now sleeping solidly through the night, but I can’t seem to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Laura Vanderkam wrote an article that could’ve been typed straight from my keyboard. As a stay-at-home mom I love being home with my son, but I also yearn for those few hours in the night when I can have ‘me’ time. Once night time comes I simply cannot convince myself to go to sleep.

Little Miss Moneybags opened up about her struggles with infertility and the fact that her insurance won’t cover the treatments she may need to conceive. I give her major kudos for discussing the topic and hope that everything works out for her.

I loved this post about the politeness tax. My husband has overpaid for things on more occasions then I can count. He paid $1,000 over asking price for our jeep, because the previous owner looked so sad when he signed over the title.

I enjoyed Wise Bread’s article on frugally paying it forward. I agree that those little things in life can really make someone’s day.  I’m constantly holding doors open, letting people step in front of me in line, buying unexpected gifts. leaving unused coupons on items in the grocery store and adding extra change to stranger’s parking meters. I also think a smile is underrated this day and age. A simple smile, (especially to the older generation), can go a remarkably long way.

Project Happily Ever After wrote a great post about dedicating every thought, word and action to the benefit of others. Alisa Bowman, (the author of that blog), dedicated her birthday to making others happy. It melds well with the article above and goes to show that a change in perspective can lead to a change in overall satisfaction. Whenever I’m especially nice I do feel happier.

Lastly I have a bunch of zucchini in my fridge that is about to spoil. The Frugal Girl recently posted a bunch of recipes and I really hope to try the chocolate zucchini bread this week.


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