Lured by the Thrill of the 50% Off Coupon

After purchasing a picture frame for my grandmother the cash register at Michael’s printed out a coupon for 50% off a regular priced item. I walked away from the register and immediately walked back through the isles to find a new sketch pad. (I’m trying to teach myself to draw.)

I’m a sucker for those 50% cash register coupons and Michael’s knows it. I returned to the register, purchased the sketch pad, and received another 50% off coupon. With the coupon in hand I picked up another sketch pad and paid again. Low and behold the register printed another coupon.

I definitely considered buying something else. To be perfectly honest I walked back through the isles at Michael’s with every intention of making another purchase, before realizing that this madness would never end. The 50% coupon was luring me to buy more and more. Finally, I paused, stopped, put the receipt in my wallet and walked out of the store.

If I really want to buy something else I’ll have to convince myself to return to the store. Strangely enough it was hard to walk out. There are always things I want to buy at Michael’s and the marketing folks knew just how to lure me to buy more.

3 thoughts on “Lured by the Thrill of the 50% Off Coupon”

  1. Lol. Those coupons can be like crack. I returned something a few weeks ago and it printed a 40% coupon with my return receipt. It was really hard not to go buy something else.

    Happy drawing!


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