Magazine Subscriptions: My one guilty pleasure

I have a secret…

I cannot resist the temptation to purchase magazines. I am the annoying girl in the checkout lane of the grocery store that is more interested in flipping through the glossy pages of articles than placing my items on the conveyor belt. In fact, when my loving husband goes shopping with me he often winds up pulling items out of the grocery cart while I stand glued to the magazine rack.

I used to purchase magazines at the checkout, but quickly decided that only a fool would pay the cover price. So a few years back I began buying subscriptions to all of my favorite magazines. Over the years I have purchased Shape, Better Homes & Garden’s, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Coastal Living, Money, and Real Simple. When I visit my parent’s house I usually come home with a copy or two of Good Housekeeping and Cooking Light. And when I visit my in-laws I usually return with the most recent copy of Kiplinger’s. After years of buying magazines, I have narrowed my favorites down to Real Simple and Money magazine, and have allowed almost all of my other subscriptions to lapse. This week as I was sitting down to create a Christmas List it came as no surprise that a new magazine subscription showed up on my wish list. This time I’ve decided I’d like to begin reading ‘Health.’

Actually I think a magazine subscription is a great Christmas gift. A subscription is not only relatively cheap but also provides something for the recipient to receive month after month. I looked online and found a 10 issue subscription for as little as $7.98. So from now on I’m going to save even more money, by asking for magazine subscriptions as gifts. It’ll allow me to indulge in my guilty little pleasure without spending extra money in the grocery store. Although I must admit, it probably won’t prevent me from leafing through the articles while waiting in the checkout line. (Sorry honey.)

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