Make Money Selling Your Old Cell Phones

I came across a website that provides cash and gift cards for old, unwanted cell phones. The process seems simple enough, log onto their website, enter the make and model of the phone you no longer use, and ship it using the free shipping labels provided. (I suggest clearing your data from the phone prior to shipping, although RipMobile will delete the data for you if you trust them.) Once RipMobile receives the phone, they’ll inspect and test it, to make certain it works. If the phone is accepted RipMobile will award points to your account, where every point is equal to one dollar. The points can be used to purchase gift certificates for a number of different vendors.

If you’re interested in selling your used cell phone and earning an extra $1 for every $10 worth of phones go to Rip Mobile via the referral link provided.

If RipMobile decides they don’t want to purchase your phone you can also send it to them for recycling.

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  1. I have sold my old cellphones in the past and I got more money on ebay than I could have with those specialised sites for cell phones. So always double check with ebay as well!


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