Making Breakfast for Dinner

I love breakfast foods, but who has the time to make breakfast every morning. I’m lucky if I can muster up enough energy to grab a granola bar as I head out the door. So every once in awhile when I just don’t know what to make for dinner, when I’m sick of chicken and not in the mood for beef, when I’m veggied out and sick of pasta, I make breakfast for dinner.

When I tell friends about this they usually laugh at me. Oh don’t get me wrong, my female friends have been known to eat a bowl or two of cereal for dinner, but they find it odd that I would create the makings of a Sunday brunch for dinner.

I usually cook scrambled eggs, french toast, and bacon. What can you buy for less than eggs, milk, bread, and bacon? If the bacon is too pricey you can replace it with ham, which costs less but isn’t nearly as tasty. Start to finish it’s the fastest food you can prepare. In five to ten minutes I can whip up dinner. My husband almost never joins in on these dinners, he’s not one for eating breakfast foods at dinnertime. Instead, he usually ends up frying up grilled cheese, another staple of our quick and cheap dinners.

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