Meeting An Old Friend for Dinner

This evening I drove into DC to meet my very first college roommate, who I met in the fall of my freshman year. In the real world we would never have been friends. She was a sorority socialite and I was… well… not, but the trials and tribulations of our first year of college brought us together. We only lived together for one year, but she was an incredible roommate, and I was sad when she left for the sorority house our sophomore year.

We lost touch shortly after she moved out and although I bumped into her from time to time on campus we never really kept in touch. After nearly ten years we decided to meet up tonight for dinner. It was great to see her again and to chat about old times and everything that’s happened in our lives since we last got together.

At my insistence we split the bill equally and I must admit that it was the best $18 I’ve spent in a very long while.

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