Money is tight… Time for a potluck dinner

So one of my friends is newly engaged, one is planning for her first child (only three months away), one has a newly graduated husband with more loan payments than paychecks, one is about to undergo expensive IVF treatments, and one has had a year full of unexpected medical expenses (oh wait that’s me). Every few months or so we all band together and meet up for dinner somewhere. But considering all of the recent and/or upcoming expenses I decided it might just be time to eat dinner at home. So I volunteered my pregnant friend’s house, (because that way she doesn’t have to drive), and said let’s all meet for a potluck dinner.

I figured it usually costs us at least $20-25 a person to meet up for dinner. But for just $20-25 dollars total all five of us could eat and relax, take our time, and not worry about the waiter trying to rush us off in favor of his next tip.

Now… what to make for dinner?

1 thought on “Money is tight… Time for a potluck dinner”

  1. We do this alot.

    It is much to save the money and value the time and friendship that you have. 🙂

    Lasagna is always good for a crowd.


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