My Birthday Weekend Draws to a Close

I am not usually a huge fan of birthdays, but this weekend’s festivities were a blast. Friday night I went out with my husband, my husband’s co-workers, and a couple of their girlfriends and wives. We drove up to Canton, which is a quaint, little neighborhood in Baltimore. We ate and drank in a whole bunch of, off-the-beaten-path bars, including Jack’s Bistro, Blue Parrot, and some sports bar whose name I can’t remember. Jack’s Bistro had such amazing food that we returned for a second happy hour that occurs nightly between 11 pm and 1 am. The best thing about the night: No worries about the bar bills. At each bar someone else picked up the tab. My husband and his co-workers all make decent salaries and it was nice to pick up the tab without trying to figure out how much each individual ate and drank or feeling stiffed with the bill.

Saturday my husband and I drove up to Annapolis and spent two hours aboard a 74 foot schooner. Unfortunately, we were only able to sail for about 30 minutes, then the wind dropped and we motored the rest of the way, but it was so nice to be out on the water. After the sail we took a water taxi over to the Chart House where we dined on steak, shrimp, and calamari. After dinner we sat out on the pier and watched the boats go by. The sun was setting and it was so peaceful out on the water. We drove home and watched Casino Royale.

Today we drove over to Rock Creek Park to watch the men’s and women’s finals in the Legg Mason Tennis Classic. In 2002 we witnessed James Blake beat my all time favorite tennis player, Andre Agassi, in the semi-finals. Tonight we watched Andy Roddick beat John Isner. We purchased the not-so-cheap, cheap seats about an hour after the doubles match started. We were in the next to the last row at the top of the stadium so it seems we purchased one of the last sets of tickets available. It’s always a blast to see some of the best tennis players right in our own backyard and I hope to go back again next year.

All in all this is one of the best birthdays I can remember.

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