My Experience at the Apple Store

For some reason the wireless capabilities of my trusty computer stopped working. When I talked to the technician at the genius bar he said that almost never happens. Of course, my computer was one month out of warranty so I had a feeling I was in for a big bill.

The part was not in stock so I was told it would be ordered, my laptop would be stored until it arrived and they’d call me when the repair was complete. A few days later I got a call that the airport card, (the part they thought was broken), was not the problem after all. I was told I’d have to wait another few days while another part was ordered and shipped. I waited patiently and was told a two days later that my machine was still broken.

The Apple representative let me know that they could ship my computer out for repair and that it would cost less than trying more parts in store. I was originally quoted $108, but the cost of the motherboard would’ve jacked the price another $200 or so. Rather than paying over $350 to have it repaired in store I could pay $250 to have it shipped and repaired. I agreed to let them send it away for repairs.

Well the Apple folks shipped out my computer and called me a few days later to pick up my newly repaired machine. When I got to the genius bar I was told that I only owed $108. I was happy with the small charge, but confused as to why it cost so little. Well, it turns out that the airport card was the problem after all. Despite the cost of shipping parts back and forth, (including my own computer), Apple agreed to charge me the original price it quoted.

Hooray! I went in thinking I owed $250 and walked out paying only $108!

While I was waiting in the store I planned on purchasing a new car charger for my iPhone. While I was waiting for my computer to be brought out I googled for prices online and found it $14.95 cheaper on Amazon. Hooray again! I went ahead and ordered the charger online.

I’m happy to have my laptop back in hand. It’s amazing how much I missed the little guy! I have an iPad and an iPhone, but I really need my laptop for anything that requires significant typing. I haven’t been able to leave comments or write blog posts that don’t have errors in what feels like a very long time.

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