My Fun Fund is Just Shy of $2,000

I decided the price was right and purchased two flights for my upcoming trip to Boston. The total before taxes and other fees was $71 per person and when all was said and done I paid less than $200. I would have preferred to fly on Southwest, (I’m two points shy of a free ticket), but the tickets were nearly double the price for the dates and times I desired.

Now I need to figure out where we should stay and what we should do while we’re on travel. A couple of readers left great comments on my previous post and I’d like to take a lot of those suggestions into account before making any more decisions. We won’t fly out until February so I have plenty of time to figure things out.

I’d also like to plan another mini-vacation. Since I’m traveling to Boston during the coldest time of year I’d like to plan the next trip to an exotic location that’s warm and breezy. A few folks have recommended the Caribbean. I’ve never been, so I’m adding it to the list of places to research. Since I’m open to locations I plan to park myself in front of a computer and research as many holiday deals as possible. You never know what wonderful places I might find.

I’m considering tapping my ‘fun’ fund to pay for our upcoming trips. This fund includes proceeds from blogging, completing surveys and selling items on eBay. It hasn’t grown this large overnight. In fact, it’s taken years to reach this level. Sometimes it crawls by just a few dollars per month, other times it grows by leaps and bounds overnight, but I’m pretty proud that it’s reached nearly $2,000.

I’ve tapped it every so often to pay for random odds and ends, but for the most part I let it grow without disruption. My hope now is to spend it on a really fun and memorable vacation.

2 thoughts on “My Fun Fund is Just Shy of $2,000”

  1. After we finish paying off our debt, we';ll have an extra $500 a month I hope to put toward savings and then use for an incredible delayed honeymoon! Go you for having a fun fund! You only live once right?

  2. @Newlyweds – $500 is an admirable goal. This fund was actually exists apart from our other savings accounts. It's just a way to see how much blogging, selling unwanted stuff, etc. can add up to.


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