My Latest Purchase: A Bright Yellow Pick Me Up

Lately my job situation has turned from bad to worse. I don’t think layoffs are in my near future, but boredom certainly will be. I can’t complain too much, (in fact my husband would say I shouldn’t complain at all), but I am feeling a bit blue about the situation.

I’ve kept a watchful eye on the bright yellow, flowered bowl pictured above for weeks and this afternoon after a bunch of depressing conversations with coworkers I decided to head to the mall to purchase it. I’m not typically an emotional shopper, but I knew the bright yellow color would brighten my mood.

When I arrived at the store the bowl was not on sale, but I showed the clerk the Internet price and she agreed to honor it. The item was listed at $29 in the store and $19.99 online, so that discount made a significant difference in the final price. I chose to purchase two bowls and presented the cashier with a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase and a $25 gift card that I earned from an online survey site.

After the discount, coupon and gift card my total came to less than $7. Without the gift card, coupon and discount the total would have been over $60! I know I don’t really need these bowls, but I do love them.

5 thoughts on “My Latest Purchase: A Bright Yellow Pick Me Up”

  1. $7?! That's great! You're so funny, One Frugal Girl!!! I love the bowls, and I'm sure they'll make you smile. I have things like that that make me smile, and it's worth the purchase. My favorite coffee mug is one I bought in Spain when I was visiting there with a close friend šŸ™‚ I always smile when I use it, and it certainly brightens my mornings.

  2. @Mary Weiland – Thanks for sharing your story. I too have items in my house that remind me of good trips with good friends. Especially a little brown and white stuffed giraffe that a good friend picked up for my in Vegas.


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