My New Coupon Cozy

I’ve been struggling to figure out how to store and categorize my coupons for months. It seems like no matter how I organize them I inevitably end up standing in the middle of the grocery store isle with a wad of unwanted coupons in hand. I waste so much time leafing through piles of coupons that I’ve often thought of giving up on using them altogether.

On Saturday while rifling through the $1 section of Target I came upon a new organizing solution. I purchased two expanding 13 pocket check files, similar to the one pictured above, but much cheaper and made of plastic. I bought a pink one and a white one so that I can easily distinguish between the two.

For the most part I buy all of our health and hygiene products like shampoo, razors and girlie products from Rite Aid and CVS. Similarly I purchase the majority of our food related products from the grocery store. So why carry around all of my coupons in a large, disorganized system when I can carry around half as many in a much more organized way?

On Saturday I sorted through all of my coupons and moved all of the health and hygiene related items to the pink check file and all of the food related items to the white one. I labeled each of the dividing slots, so the pink file contains categories like razors, deodorant, shampoo, medicine, girlie stuff, household cleaners, laundry care and paper products. I then placed all of my food related items in the white file. I labeled each of those dividing slots with categories like frozen foods, fruits & veggies, breakfast, snacks, bread, marinades, soup, dairy and dessert.

Now I have two smaller expanding coupon cozies that contain all of my coupons. When I went shopping on Sunday morning I still carried all of my coupons to the store with me, but in the grocery store I only needed the white folder and the in the drugstore I only needed the pink one. The categories are so specific and well defined that I was able to sort through the coupons in seconds. Hooray!

5 thoughts on “My New Coupon Cozy”

  1. @sheri — Target’s $1 section is the best. I always find fun little gadgets and toys there.

    @graduated learning — I only buy and clip coupons from the weekend section of the Washington Post. I paid only 77 cents an issue for the first few months, but now I pay $1 or $2. I figure as long as I save as much as the paper costs it’s well worth it and since I started clipping I’ve saved hundreds.

  2. I use an index card box for my coupons with tabbed dividers for each section or aisle in the market. A lot easier to find coupons and I can quickly scan what I have at the start of each aisle so I can match coupons and sales. I hate having a random stack of coupons, you can never find the one you are looking for.

  3. This is a great idea. One that I should probably do.

    Thanks for telling me where I should go and look for one at a decent price!!!


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