My return to the working world…

Where oh where have I been. I just realized it’s been over a week since I last posted. Well it seems after sitting at home attempting to recover from surgery and illness that I have finally returned to the working world. I am not really feeling well enough to return to work. But I thought returning early might help me transition a little more slowly into the working world. By returning one month earlier than expected, I was able to work out a deal to work part-time, and primarily from home.

It was sad to return to the office. Not only because I have to go back to the working world but also because my company is going through a rough time, and a lot of my co-workers have left for greener pastures. I’m not sure what made me more sad, having to return to work, still not feeling well, or just missing all of my long-gone co-workers. Probably some combination of all three.

But having been sick for so long has given me a new perspective on work. Before getting sick I used to work long days and long nights. A year or so ago I would work a ten hour day at the office, and then come home to work another 5 to 6 hours. Those days are long behind me. Not only because I physically can’t keep up those hours, but also because I finally realized that life outside of work, is much more important than life inside of work.

I am very thankful to my company for keeping my job open for the last few months as I recovered. And which continued to pay me via Short Term Disability benefits. Hopefully, I will get better in the next couple of months so that I can ultimately return to work full time. But full time will still only be 40 hours a week. I think I’ve said goodbye to the 70 hour weeks once and for all.

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