My Splurge of the Week

I have been trying my best to avoid splurging on unnecessary purchases. In the last few weeks I have not purchased anything just for myself. In fact, it seems I’m armed with a list and coupons each and every time I head out to the store. I’m not a big impulse shopper but if I head out to the mall I will often come home with at least one unexpected item. I’m a sucker for 50 – 75% sales. If something costs just $1 or $2 I can’t seem to resist it.

Today I bought a 60 cent Christmas ornament from Hallmark that was originally $4.00. In the store I also fell in love with a heart-shaped mug. If you buy three Hallmark cards you can purchase the mug for $4.95. Deep in my heart I know I need this mug like I need a whole in the head. In fact, we boxed up a ton of old mugs and stored them in the garage. But I thought this mug would make such a great gift for my friends who love hot cocoa and tea.

3 thoughts on “My Splurge of the Week”

  1. Cool picture…I just noticed that the creme in the coffee is communing in a heart shape as well. I think it’s a nice treat, especially if it makes you smile…better than buying a nice Cannoli, some fancy imported chocolate, or something equally as fattening.

  2. Actually, I didn’t end up purchasing this cute little mug. The Hallmark near my home had completely sold out. It seems fate was stepping in to help me save money.


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