Never Retire?

I have co-workers who seemed determined to work forever. When I ask them about retirement they always say they see no need to quit working. Honestly, it’s difficult to determine whether they need the money or they just like going to work each and every day. One sixty year old woman I know says she wouldn’t know what to do with all the spare time in her day. Although that seems a bit insane to me, (I certainly hope to retire well before age sixty), I admire her for coming into work and plugging away in her cubicle.

Today I read about Sally Dickerson a cashier who has been working for Safeway for over fifty-two years. At age eighty-five she has absolutely no plans of quitting her day job. I’m always fascinated by those who never wish to stop working. You can read Sally’s story here.

6 thoughts on “Never Retire?”

  1. IMO I think it’s better to have at least some form of work to go and do. It keeps your mind sharp, gives you a chance to interact with other people outside of the people you usually do and brings in some money.

  2. I work with a lot of people that go through a phased retirement….they work forever, then work part time for a while, and then either retire or die….

  3. I think the best insurance for never wanting to “retire” is to truly enjoy what you are doing in the first place. Now, for me, working as a Safeway clerk would lead me out of my gourd, but Sally seems to dig it! Once we find our niche, I think that staying active and productive is the way to go… until we drop!

  4. I’m in academia and we literally cannot keep some people from coming in to work after they retire. It’s just one of those areas that people tend to really like if they’ve stuck it out that long.

  5. I guess I wonder if I’d end up getting a little bored after I retire. I already have trouble thinking of what to do in the evenings and on the weekends!
    I guess I’d also miss the routine…
    but depending on how much money I end up having when I retire, I wouldn’t mind going on a few fabulous trips all over the world!


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