New Berry Bushes

Last week Spring Hill Nurseries ran a special $20 off $20 purchase special. I purchased two items, a strawberry kit complete with a 14” Dura-Cotta pot and 25 plants and a blueberry kit complete with one blueberry plant, 10″ pot, soil and saucer. To take advantage of the offer I purchased the plants in two separate orders, paying only for shipping at roughly $16.

The grocery stores around my way have horrible produce. I’ve been trying to eat more fruit and vegetables lately but when the broccoli is yellow, the bananas brown, and the fruit mushy… well it’s a little hard to convince myself to eat it. On Saturday, I drove up north to the closest farmer’s market to check out their produce. I found amazingly fresh produce, but I refused to pay the market’s prices. One mid-sized container of strawberries was over $7. I couldn’t convince myself to pay that amount, fully knowing that I can purchase organic frozen strawberries for less than $3. Seeing that $7 container of strawberries convinced me that my recent purchase was entirely worth the money.

Of course, I run the risk that the berries will not grow, but if they do grow, and produce a mid-sized container worth of berries, then at worst I’ll have broken even. At best, they’ll produce a summer’s worth of berries. Plus I’ll get to enjoy planting the bushes and tending to them. I’m thinking of taking over a small plot in the backyard to grow other fruit and vegetables. Some areas of the backyard are extremely shady, but with just a small plot of land I should be able to make at least a few things grow.

2 thoughts on “New Berry Bushes”

  1. Last year we purchased some self-watering planters that were selling on-line, and we grew veggies, tomatoes, and broccoli all summer long. They work like a champ, and we had the added insurance of knowing that the food was freshly grown and harvested… not to mention delicious! The only problem we had was keeping some of the neighborhood kids from stealing our strawberries and other produce. (Although when they tried to munch the hot jalapeno peppers we grew it seemed to keep them away for a while!)

  2. The plants will also last more than 1 year, so it will be well worth it.

    I just planted this past weekend 20 strawberry plants, can’t wait for them.


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