Odds and Ends in October

pumpkin A few odds and ends…

  • My husband asked when I might stop worrying about every little dollar. I told him when we finish paying off the mortgages on both houses or reach $2 million in assets. His response: A rolling chuckle.
  • Our little guy is growing too fast and my ovaries hurt every time he reaches another milestone. As my second and last baby I’m just not prepared for how quickly time is passing and how quickly he’s moving on to the next phase of babyhood.
  • My house finally feels like a home. After $60,000 worth of remodeling I am finally feeling at peace with my surroundings. I didn’t realize how much the ingrained dirt of this 1950s house was impacting my mood. I lived here for fourteen years before making significant changes and focused exclusively on saving money for the majority of that time. I now realize I should have focused more on my mental well being. This is one of those instances where I am reminded that money should be spent.
  • Speaking of spending money my husband and I managed to rack up $1000 worth of expenses at IKEA in a little less than an hour. We purchased a bunch of new items that help my feel warm, comforting and clean! I do not feel the least bit guilty for spending this money.
  • This month marked my son’s fourth birthday. We didn’t buy any toys to mark the occasion, but he did decorate the house and cake.
  • I made the decision to buy Hyatt Reward points to keep my account active. I’m not sure we’ll travel any time in the near future, but we have thousands of points available if we ever decide to leave home. It would provide at least two or three nights of hotel accommodations.
  • I want to thank all of those who emailed and left comments regarding my messed up family situation. I’ve received a lot of great advice.

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