Odds and Ends in September


A few odds and ends…

  • I wasted too much time this past month dealing with a very toxic relationship. Unfortunately, I haven’t resolved the problem but I have gained a new perspective on the situation. I would like to know why nasty people are always dragging the rest of us down. Isn’t it amazing how a positive person can make you feel happy and a negative one can pull you right down into the mud?
  • In financial news we spent another $20,000 remodeling and upgrading our house. The house feels so much more spacious and open now, but in the past year we’ve spent over $60,000 to improve it! It sounds crazy, especially since we are considering moving in the next few years. The school district here isn’t the greatest, so we need to decide between private school and moving.
  • My son started his second year of preschool two weeks ago and was already struck by his first cold. How on earth do we prevent the transfer of germs while he is in school? We wash hands as often as possible and clean all of his plastic lunch containers in the dishwasher. I’m considering taking off all of his clothes each afternoon and moving them to the laundry room. Last year he was sick every few weeks and most of the time the rest of us got sick too. I would really like to avoid that this year, but I have a feeling I won’t be able to.
  • While the oldest is in school my youngest and I run as many errands as possible. It’s much easier to get out of the house with a baby then a baby and a preschooler, but all of these trips are costing me money. It’s so easy to pick up a few extra items in Costco or Target.
  • In other news I’ve completely curtailed my desire to purchase new books. I receive a few books through a book review program and pick up the rest from the library. Who knew it was so easy to place items on hold? I can now get in and out of the library within ten minutes. In fact, finding a place to park and walking into the library takes longer than picking up the books or checking them out!
  • My son will turn four in a few weeks and due to the drama mentioned above my husband and I need to host two separate birthday parties. My son won’t mind celebrating twice, but I don’t really want to bake two separate birthday cakes. I’m considering making strawberry shortcakes or something else fun. I even saw a cute idea for turning pound cake into miniature birthday cakes; maybe we’ll take that approach.
  • I also need to create a list of birthday gift ideas for our family members. Every year I add items to my son’s Amazon wish list and let people choose among the options or pick something on their own. I think our families would rather review the list and pick their favorite then come up with ideas on their own.
  • I’m happy that cooler weather has arrived, but I am not looking forward to the winter; bundling the boys in coats and mittens is not fun. Speaking of which I need to buy my oldest a winter coat. I’m heading to a consignment sale this week. Let’s hope I can look for the coat and not pick up a bunch of unnecessary items.

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  1. Family drama is the worst! Is there no way around the second party? I know it would suck for some not to attend but you also shouldn’t have to cater to the family to accomadate them.


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