Oh eBay!

Why on earth would anyone bid on an auction when they don’t intend to pay? I was so excited to sell an unused Wii console and now I’m trapped in the nightmare of eBay’s processes for a bidder who refuses to cough up the cash.

I don’t even understand the bidder’s feedback. Negative feedback as a seller, but okay feedback as a buyer allowed her to bid?

Feedback is feedback and if you aren’t honest on one side of the equation why would anyone think you’d be honest on the other?

It’s all very disappointing.


3 thoughts on “Oh eBay!”

  1. Yup. I had to open a case, but the buyer still never paid. So I had to relist the item and hope the next buyer isn’t such a bum!

  2. A few years ago, I tried to sell my father’s used station wagon on eBay Motors, using a Buy It Now auction. It got instantly bid on by a Nigerian scammer. I knew something was awry when I got an email from the buyer, containing spelling/grammatical errors. He also wanted to send me more $ than he owed and have me send back the difference. I was so disappointed that it wasn’t a legitimate sale. Luckily, eBay was good about refunding my seller’s fee but due to the scam, I have avoided selling anything on their site since then.


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