Oh I Should’ve Thought of That – Ideas for My Birthday

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As usual I appear to be stumped for birthday ideas. The big day is just around the corner and I have absolutely no idea what I want. While my family asks for birthday lists I sit on the couch with a pen and a blank piece of paper.

I wish I would’ve thought ahead. I just bought a year long membership to the zoo, which would have made the perfect gift.

I seem to encounter the same problem every year. I really don’t need anything and tend to buy whatever I want myself. In general I don’t want a lot either, which means I can’t really remember the last thing I bought for myself.

So I figured I’d throw it out to readers and ask for suggestions. Do you have anything special on your wish list?

I’m considering my usual suspects: gift cards for massages, certificates to upscale grocery stores, and food processing and manufacturing equipment. Beyond that I haven’t a clue what to add to the list.

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  1. I often have this problem around Christmas and my birthday so I’ve started keeping a list in my Google Drive so that whenever I see something I want but wouldn’t really buy myself I put it on there. Then when someone asks me what I want, I look at the list. For example, I really want a food processor. Sounds silly, but it’s something I want, but I know I won’t use very often so I can’t bring myself to buy it, but if someone else bought it for me, then I wouldn’t feel guilty if I didn’t use it all the time! I also want a waffle maker…or Tarte makeup. I get gift certificates to Sephora a lot because I hate spending money on makeup


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