One Moment

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year.

I’m not sure that I can list just one moment, but here are a few that all involve time in North Carolina:

  • Riding a boogie board with my husband on a relatively calm day. I attempted wave after wave without any luck. The waves either fizzled out or I couldn’t time it quite right. I didn’t really care, the water was warm, the sun was high and it felt like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. I was just about to give up hope when my husband decided to ride a wave beside me. The moment he jumped, I jumped too and we rode the wave half way back to shore. I was so happy that I finally timed it just right and even happier that my husband was beside me.
  • Playing drunk cornhole on the pool deck w/ M until 3:30 in the morning. It’s just one of those moments I know I’ll never forget. After a long night of karaoke we decided we weren’t quite ready to go to sleep, so after everyone went to bed, we pulled out cornhole and started to play. It’s moments like that you want to remember forever. Just two friends tossing a bean bag at a big chunk of wood for hours talking about love and life. There’s something about the sound of that beanbag hitting the hard wooden board and the words ‘d*mn‘ and ‘sh*t’ coming out of our mouths every time we missed that made me laugh. The night was warm and crisp, the lights reflected off the pool water, and you could see every star in the sky.
  • My amazing husband carrying beer and shrimp down to the beach for the girls and I to share. We were just about to head back to the house when my thoughtful husband showed up with liquor and food. Rather than heading home we sat back in our beach chairs, snacked and stared at the water. The shrimp was spicy, the beer cold and the stillness of the early evening just perfect.

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  1. Laughing with my sister, we live on opposite sides of Australia and only catch up maybe once or twice a year, but those moments are well worth waiting for.


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