Our Vacation Comes to an End

My folks already left the beach house and my husband and I are about to finish packing so we start the long drive home. This has definitely been one of the best weeks at the beach I can remember. Most of the time the weather was perfect, the days were warm with a light breeze.

Now the rental season can begin. It’s a bittersweet feeling. It’s sad that we can’t just pop in whenever we want, but happy that other families will enjoy our house as much as we do.

So far we’ve booked ten weeks this summer and I’m crossing my fingers and hoping we’ll book at least one more.

4 thoughts on “Our Vacation Comes to an End”

  1. Have you considered putting a link to the rental info here somewhere? Might get you an extra reservation or two. Although not having a link is an intentional privacy thing, I completely understand.

  2. @Just Some Guy — When I first started this blog I provided a link to my rental property, but as the number of readers grew I pulled the plug on the link. It really is a shame. I know I’d get a bunch of renters through that link šŸ™

  3. You should provide details about the rental office.


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