Over $80 in eBay Sales

Last week I took advantage of eBay’s penny listing sale. I listed six items, (three books and three DVDs), for a total of 6 cents. Four of the six items sold, and I netted roughly $80 after accounting for miscellaneous fees from eBay and PayPal. I’m a clutter fanatic so it’s always nice to rid the house of unnecessary items and make a little extra money in the process.

I often wait for eBay to run a sale prior to listing my items. I also try to sell a number of items at a time. I list them all on the same day at roughly the same time. That way when the listings are over, if the items sell, I can take them to the post office all at once. Sometimes, this doesn’t work because a buyer will take a really long time to pay me, but most of the time I can mail off all of the items in one trip. This afternoon I dropped off all four items and netted $80.

3 thoughts on “Over $80 in eBay Sales”

  1. These are great eBay tips. I also find that by selling things at the same time you tend to get higher prices for them. I think that people bidding on one of your items may take a look at what else you have for sale.

  2. You’re going to laugh, Frugal Girl, because this is just not that important…but it’s ‘more than,’ not ‘over!’ I got that pounded into me as an editor. ‘More than’ refers to an amount…’over’ is a direction. Or at least that’s how it was explained…
    Thanks SO much for your interesting posts. I check your blog nearly every day.

  3. @rachel — That’s a great point. On a number of occasions I’ve sold more than one item to an eBay buyer. I ultimately earned more because I paid less for shipping supplies.

    @cindy brick — Clearly I didn’t learn anything in those grammar classes I took in college. Did you know I was an English major?


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