Parting with More Stuff

I used to struggle with getting rid of my possessions, but these days I find it easier and easier to give away my stuff. I still have a hard time with certain books and a few articles of clothing, but most everything else could disappear without bothering me.

This week I plan to post some unwanted items on eBay. I won’t sell anything that won’t yield at least $15 in profit. Anything smaller than that is usually not worth the trouble. You never know how long it will take for a buyer to pay you and I don’t like making multiple trips to the post office or UPS.

By the way I ship everything via UPS, because the post office has lost my packages on more than one occasion. I typically list all of my items on one day and set the auction’s end date around the same time. If all of my buyers pay within a similar time frame I can wrap up all of my items and ship them on the same day.

I figure I can list between ten and twelve items, but I’d be surprised if they all sell. If they don’t I probably won’t relist them or try craigslist. I’ll probably just box them up and carry them off to goodwill.

The more items I get rid of the more I want to release from my possession. Now instead of feeling pained when I get rid of items I feel free. By next week I hope to further lighten my load.

4 thoughts on “Parting with More Stuff”

  1. Just had a 'bingo' moment from your post: there are many items i have here in NZ that simply do not sell (no idea why)…I'm taking them to the US during my next trip home and selling them on craigslist there! i'm sure they will sell in America and its broader population base. thanks!

  2. Hi, I sold a few items on eBay last week here in Australia. When I finally did the tally yesterday I was shocked to see how much went to fees for both paypal and ebay. Is it the same in the US? It made me think if it was worth it at all.

  3. @Christeen – It's the same way here. That's why I won't sell anything less than $15. By the time PayPal and eBay take their share it's just not worth the effort.


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