Paying my $25 co-pay has made me sick

So I went to the doctor yesterday. A new doctor. Since all of the medical problems began last year I’ve probably seen 30 doctors. I go to them all with all of my reports, hospital visits, details, descriptions, and medications in hand. Since I’m still feeling some pain in my chest my mom suggested that I go see a pulmonologist. After all, I did have a pulmonary embolism last year. I went to appease my mom. And in the hopes that he would agree that my pain is muscular. I was not so lucky.

At first he thought he heard a heart murmur. But after a few more minutes of holding my breath he now thinks I might have Pericardial Friction Rub. Essentially the lining of the heart becomes inflamed, and makes a strange sound when the heart beats. So instead of going home at ease and relaxed, I am now more nervous than ever.

Before I went I told my mom I was looking forward to my $25 answer that all was well. Now I’m worried sick over the doctor’s findings. My $25 co-pay will probably result in another $100 – $200 worth of co-pays to a whole new host of doctors, and probably a couple of anti-anxiety prescriptions as well.

On the positive side of things. This doctor was one of the most thorough I’ve met yet. At least that leaves me with a fair amount of confidence in his ability to help me. After a year of this, I’ll try to find a silver lining anywhere.

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