Perhaps I’ve Cleared Out Too Much Clutter

After telling my husband I planned to list a few more items on eBay this week he said, “Maybe I should bid on the items you’re selling just so I can hold on to some of the things I’ve bought.” While he was trying to be funny, I must admit that there is a fair amount of truth to that statement.

I live in such a clutter-free zone that I often disregard the sentimental reasons for keeping things around. When I notice an item sitting around in a drawer I quickly find a new owner for it. Sometimes I sell the unwanted item, other times I give it away, but more often than not I purge it from our house.

I now realize that I should be more cognizant of my husband’s feelings. I sold a couple of items on eBay that he originally purchased as gifts. I looked at the item and thought, “I don’t use this anymore.” He looked at the item and thought back to the moment he purchased it. He remembered how happy I was to receive it and how much use I’d gotten out of it.

It’s funny how two people can look at the same thing and think such different thoughts. Perhaps he’s right, maybe I am too quick to discard items I haven’t used in awhile. Maybe I should pause for just a moment longer. Maybe I should wait to click the list button on eBay.

6 thoughts on “Perhaps I’ve Cleared Out Too Much Clutter”

  1. The nice thing about de-cluttering is that you can make sure that your sentimental items are properly used or displayed and enjoyed. Maybe you could think about that as a possible option next time you are clearing out?

  2. I'm with you. If you don't use it, wear it, or think about it, it's clutter. Good thing I live alone and all of the stuff is mine!

  3. shelia – The trouble is that a lot of my husband's gifts are electronic. I'm not sure how I could display them, but it's definitely worth thinking about.

    Mrs Money & me in millions – I'm with you. I love the free feeling that comes with giving away your unwanted possessions! That's why I declutter so often!

  4. @Anonymous – Ahhhhh yes, experiences. We've definitely moved into that model over the last few years, but some of these gifts go back quite a bit 🙂


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