Planning Our Winter Vacation

I plan to call Southwest Airlines tomorrow to ask for an extension of my current LUV voucher. I have absolutely no idea whether or not I’ll be successful, but if I am I plan to take two small trips this winter and one larger trip next spring.

So far my plan involves a four and half day trip to the Florida Keys in mid-December and a two day trip to the mid-west in late November.

I researched our trip to the Keys yesterday and created a basic itinerary.

Day One
— Fly into Fort Lauderdale.
— Pick up a rental car from the airport and begin our drive to the Keys.
— Take an air boat ride through the everglades (maybe?)
— Stop wherever we want along the way (drive slow and sight see along the way)
— Stay at Casa Morada (maybe?)

Day Two
— Wake up, eat breakfast or lunch and head down to Key West
— Visit the Dolphin Research Center and/or see the Turtle Hospital
— Arrive in the Keys before Sunset
— Stay at the Southernmost Hotel on the Beach
— Take a Sunset Cruise

Day Three
— Hang out at the beach or pool and walk around the town
— Head out for another mid-day or sunset cruise

Day Four
— Checkout of our hotel in the Keys
— Eat lunch in town and then begin the drive to Miami
— Hang out in Miami (I have no idea what we’ll do there)

Day Five
— Take an early flight home from Fort Lauderdale

I’m open to any ideas, so if you’ve been to the Keys or Miami and have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “Planning Our Winter Vacation”

  1. Once on spring break i snorkeled with endangered manatees in florida. it was really very cool, if you have the opportunity I'd recommend it!

  2. We hope you'll visit Dolphin Research Center during your vacation. Check out our website coupon for a discount on general admission.

  3. @sense – manatees, now that sounds like an interesting idea

    @charlieg – thanks for the advice

    @the drc family – thanks for the heads up on coupons

    @dawn – we will definitely check out the sunset celebration. I'll keep my eye out for lime margaritas!

  4. Key West is a blast. I spent two days down there in March. Instead of watching the sunset from Mallory Square (where the festival is), we watched it from Ft. Zachary Taylor beach. There were hardly any people there and we got our own little bench to sit on.

    I also love the gift shop on Duval St. called Glass Reunions. Super expensive, but the stuff is gorgeous.

  5. Might I suggest our family owned and operated airboat attraction, Sawgrass Recreation Park for while you are in Ft. Lauderdale! We are only 20-30 minutes from the city and we offer thrilling airboat rides over the sawgrass and the cattails of the Florida Everglades. You have the chance to hold a baby alligator and even see a Florida Panther in our exhibit areas that feature over 65 live and beautiful reptiles and mammals. The best part… it only costs about $20.00 per adult and $10.00 per child and we have coupons on our website even for the best frugal shopper!!

    No matter your airboat decision, we certainly hope you enjoy your stay here in Ft. Lauderdale and your winter vacation! We hope to see you soon!

  6. My husband and traveled on our motorcycle to key west and stayed at the best western ambasador with a ocean view. Be prepared for the night life, it gets pretty wild. The keylime pie is awesome. We rode back to Ft. Lauderdale to catch our cruise ship, that went back to key west where we were married. We took a peddycab around town. A must do, they stop and let you take pictures and tell you all the history of the town. We plan to go back every 5yrs to renew our vows barefoot on the beach. Enjoy your trip.


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