Plunking Down Money at IKEA

How did I end up plunking down nearly $1000 at IKEA this evening? Hmmm, it all started six years ago when my husband adopted two small kittens from the Washington Humane Society. Those two adorable cats have managed to scratch the fabric off of every chair, couch, and cushion in our home. Oh, there are a few cushions that haven’t been ripped to shreds, but those are usually the first to endure a round of kitty vomit or worse yet a skittish cat’s spray.

Originally we purchased nice furniture for the house, but after six years of kitty havoc, we have now resorted in saving our money, by purchasing couches and chairs with removable, cleanable, replaceable covers. It just doesn’t make sense to buy expensive items for the our sweet, little kitties to destroy.

So today my husband and I plunked down nearly a grand on new chairs like the one pictured above. I have to admit, although I’m not a big IKEA fan, the chairs are pretty comfy.

2 thoughts on “Plunking Down Money at IKEA”

  1. You might not feel like plunking down another $100 because of your cats, but I’ve read that placing a large cat tree (sort of like a scratching post on steroids) in the same room with the sofa can prevent cats from scratching up the sofa – supposedly, their desire to “mark” a prominent piece of furniture is met by scratching the cat tree.


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